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Class Materials, Kits, and Learning at Home

The Circuit Lab Build-It-All Starter Kit

An electronics kit for the age of interactive devices

Build-It-All Kit

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Build-It-All Starter Kit


Add an additional Uno R3 and Breadboard to your kit(s)?

This will let you keep more than one project built at a time!



Add a USB Current Limiter to your kit(s)?

This provides an extra layer of short-circuit protection for your computer's USB ports while you're working on your circuits.



Note that we recently shipped kits from our succesful Kickstarter Campaign! Your kits will ship as soon as you order, but there are still a few unfinished details - particularly that we are still working on some of the online tutorial lessons.

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The Build-It-All Starter Kit is our at-home electronics and circuitry kit. It provides the ideal path for beginners to get inspired about STEM by designing electronics while using real tools, real parts, and real code in an inviting, intuitive, and creative way. It's great for either continuing the explorations that you started in a Circuit Lab class, or for starting your jorney with circuitry if you are outside the geographic area of our programs.

We originally launched the Build-It-All Starter Kit as a Kickstarter camapign in April 2018, and were successfully funded (over 200% funding total!) after just ten days.

The Kit includes:

  • An Arduino-compatible Uno R3 microcontroller board
  • A selection of sensors and small circuitry components
  • Access to Codelab, our online visual programming interface for the Uno board
  • A series of example projects derived from our classroom curriculum
  • Step-by-step video tutorials and creative challenges for each project

Make projects like:

  • Self-Watering Plants
  • The High Five Robot
  • Automatically-Dimming Lights
  • Burglar Alarms
  • Touchless Musical Instruments
  • And More!

Continuing with class projects at home

Many of the software packages we use in class are free to download and use at home as well. Visit the following websites for the necessary software to continue working with your saved code from Circuit Lab classes.


For opening and modifying Scratch projects saved as .sb and .sb2 files

Sonic Pi
Sonic Pi

For opening and modifying Sonic Pi projects saved as .txt files

Arduino IDE

For opening and modifying Arduino projects saved as .ino files

Python 2.7

For opening and modifying Python projects saved as .py files

App Inventor
App Inventor

For opening and modifying App Inventor projects saved as .aia files
(click the "Create Apps" button in the upper right corner of the App Inventor home page)

(coming soon!)

An online version of CodeLab (our software for programming Arduino Uno Boards) will be available soon.