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The Circuit Lab Team

Circuit Lab is a small educational company operating in the Boston area, founded in 2015. Our mission is to get kids excited about computers and electronics, and to train them in what we believe to be the most useful of modern-day skills. We show them how to use electronic devices not just as entertainment to be consumed, but as tools to be manipulated and a medium to practice creative design in a fun and engaging way. Our team of educators has broad experience teaching kids about engineering and technology, and we are passionate about sharing our message with the world.

Jake Weisberg

Jake Weisberg | Founder and Head Instructor

An educator, engineer, and dedicated do-it-yourselfer, Jake has been teaching kids about technology since 2010. He lives for big projects, and has built cars that run on vegetable oil, a homestead that runs on solar power, and a life-size robotic turtle. Jake holds a B.A. in Human Ecology from College of the Atlantic.

Alexa Diehl

Alexa Diehl | Instructor

Alexa is extremely passionate about teaching computer science and electronics to all ages! She has previously taught college students and high schoolers, and now also wants to make a difference in the local elementary schools. Alexa is currently working towards a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics at Brandeis University and hopes to contribute to the advancement of technology in any shape or form.

Morgan Tierno

Morgan Tierno | Instructor

Morgan is an undergraduate student at the University of Massahusetts Lowell majoring in Biology with a minor in Education. She is a Uteach Intern and works with K-12 students throughout the school year. She is working towards becoming an high school Advanced Placement biology teacher.

Rish Shadra

Rish Shadra | Software Development & Summer Instructor

Rish is a engineering student whose interest in computers began at a young age. He developed his skills through high school, participating in FIRST robotics and writing computer programs for his teachers. He has built robots, computers, and an automatic door opener for his dorm room. He is currently pursuing a B.S. in both Computer Systems Engineering and Computer Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.